About us

About us

Through an inspiring T-shirt line INDIZTZ (pronounce; indiz teez) wants to reflect the world. Our goal is to motivate, poke through the bubble of ideals, but above all to inspire and provide a moment to reflect.

What makes INDIZTZ unique is the combination of balance in the designs. We create zen-like slogans & images that reflect harmony and represent the kumbaya feeling. As a counterpart, there are designs that show injustice and represent the hard working common man.

Whatever your choice between Ying or Yang might be, a unique T-shirt is guaranteed. A unique T-shirt from a unique company from Amsterdam with the following ethos;

Our designs are a mirror of our society; we bring attention to both unity and division in the world, don’t judge us, judge the world

We do business in a durable way; as far as within our reach we apply a Fairtrade and environmental friendly policy But like normal, not all that “you can’t fly anymore” stuff

We strive to balance the price-quality ratio

Our approach is based on creating a ripple effect of motivation, inspiration and stimulating happiness hormones

We promote self-development, social and emotional growth, equality and all other aspects that contribute to the development of humanity

We offer a safe haven to outsiders, free spirits, freedom fighters and anyone who wants to contribute to a harmonious world.

Collaborations are based on ethical business practices, win-win situations, mutual respect and honesty.

We embrace suggestions and inquiries from our customers and partners that are based on our ethos and beyond

We are true to our ethos and we will not be obstructed or seduced in any way by small minds and /or displays of power